Aldringham lies 3 miles north west of Aldeburgh and about 1.5 miles west of Thorpeness. In a village seeped in history with even a mention in the 1086 Doomsday book The Parrot is the oldest building in the parish of Aldringham-cum-thorpe.

The Suffolk Heritage Group has reports of Roman pottery being found on the site of The Parrot dating back from 43AD until 490AD. Also Anglo Saxon pottery from around 645AD is said to have been found. It has had a long history of smuggling which continued until the late 18th Century. The Inn was build around 1576 when it was originally named ‘The Case Is Altered’. In 1604 the Kemp family acquired the Inn and renamed it The Parrot and Punchbowl. With such history comes many tales – one that is mentioned a lot is the supposed secret tunnel from The Parrot to Aldringham church that is over a mile away. Needless to say we are yet to find such tunnel. Another is a story about a shepherd who died at the famous mounting step at the front of the pub, but somehow his skull made it in to the bottom of a pond that was in the garden at the time.

In more recent times the former Landlady Sheila Flemming had built two boule piste’s that are well kept by our two teams who, it is fair to say, have done quite a bit of winning in the past and may it long continue. With practice meets on a Thursday and regular matches with other Suffolk teams on Sundays the piste’s are well used and open to all that wish to have a go.

With the arrival of David and Chris in the summer of 2017 The Parrot now has a greener approach to things. They are making the garden and surrounding areas more habitable for the local wildlife. The birds are now making good use of the feeders and bird box around the grounds. Pride is taken also in not having any plastic straws and stirrers available at the bar as they continue to reduce the amount of plastic that is thrown away. Local suppliers are also supported with the butcher and greengrocer just a couple of miles away. The future of The Parrot is looking bright as we look forward.

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